Open the future by delivering new values.

Could you share with me what you know and how you felt?

Even though that is something ordinary to you, it may be something new to me. Even if we have different feelings about each other, both you and I can still enhance our sensitiveness. When we convey "something" to a person, there is "something" that has not existed until now being created in both that person and ourselves.

That's right. That "something" is what you have and is a new value to that person.

That's right. That "something" is your and that person's future which is opened thanks to the new value.

We, System Station, Inc., deliver values that are helpful to people.

We, System Station, Inc., nurture people who wish to open the future.


Our sports business provides a work-out environment for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Under the situation of "you cannot do that", "what are you going to do if something happens?" in Japan nowadays, this environment is a business where creation is strictly limited. Our sports business is a revolution in fitness. We hope to bring people closer to sports, help them enjoy it and turn it into a zest for living.


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