Corporate Philosophy


Management Vision/Philosophy

  • Visions
    1. Create new business opportunities
    2. Bring happiness to customers and society
    3. Empower our employees through education
  • Philosophy
    1. Proposal, use, and sales of communication tools
  • Code of Conduct
    1. Challenge
    2. Change
    3. Effort
    Change ourselves as the market changes so that we can thrive


President Totsuka image

Story of President Totsuka

In 1989 I resigned from my position as a high school teacher. Without knowing what I wanted and with little hope, I founded my own company. I didn’t know anything I started the company but I was blessed to be able to learn from the people around me.
The first thing I learned was how to take care of customers. Because of this, I was able to attract new customers who helped me and taught me a lot.
I started with nothing and for the first 5 years I worked alone.

In 1994 I arrived at a turning point. I decided to enter into mobile phone sales and I opened my first store.
This is when I realized that I needed people around me so that we could work together towards a common goal. I wanted to share good times and bad times with colleagues . I wanted to work with others to expand the company.
My company today has many employees.

When I started the company I relied on my strengths to grow my business. Now the company has many employees so many people can contribute their strengths. As time passes, this is becoming an organization where everyone has a common mission and everyone works to make a contribution to society.
The company has two business areas.

The first business area is the communication business.
The internet revolution is connecting people all the time. As well as being able to connect with each other, our customers are also able to perform important tasks in a convenient way.
They can share photos taken with friends at any time. They can shop anywhere and at any time.
There is a lot potential there. This is the future.

On the other hand, the mission of sports business is to bring sports to everybody.Most people in Japan would have shied away from opening gyms that are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To a normal Japanese businessman, it would have seemed too risky. However, it turned out to be a revolutionary idea. I want people to enjoy sports and I want sports to help bring new energy into their lives.

From here I want to continue to be a free thinker. I will ignore the status quo and follow my personal motto: “new value, new life.”
Thank you for your continued support.

CEO, Systemstation Inc.

Hayato Totsuka


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