Company Profile

Company name
System Station, Inc.


Kakiya Building 2-7-17 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City 222-0033↓Access Map


Date of Incorporation
August 21, 1989 (Children are invited to visit the company on the corporate anniversary)
60 million yen
Annual sales
5.3 billion yen (March 2013)
Representative Director and President
Hayato Totsuka
Number of employees
160 employees (male 75, female 85)
Business Contents
Mobile business/mobile phone sales
Mobile services business/mobile content broadband mobile sales
Sports retail business

Access Map

Kakiya Building 2-7-17 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City 222-0033

  • Walking distance from north exit of Shin-Yokohama Station
  • 5 minutes on foot from exit No.4 of Blue Line Shin-Yokohama Station


  • 1989
    Former high school teacher Hayato Totsuka established the OA equipment sales company
  • 1992
    Capital was increased to 10 million yen
  • 1994
    Tu-Ka Shop Saginuma opened
  • 1996
    Tu-Ka Shop Shin-Yokohama opened
  • 1998
    Tu-Ka Shop Tama Plaza opened
    Tu-Ka Shop Odawara opened
  • 1999
    IDO Plaza (currently au Shop) Nakayama opened
    Tu-Ka Shop Musashi-Kosugi opened
    Capital was increased to 20 million yen
  • 2001
    Capital was increased to 30 million yen
    au Shop Musashi-Shinjo opened
  • 2002
    New university graduates (inaugural class) joined the company
    Capital was increased to 40 million yen
  • 2003
    Machino Keitaiya Azamino opened
  • 2004
    Corporate sales department was established
    Machino Keitaiya Kawasaki-Oda opened
    Machino Keitaiya Tama Plaza opened
    Machino Keitaiya Nakayama Coral opened
  • 2005
    au Shop Kawasaki Minamikase opened
    Affiliate Infotech Co., Ltd. was established
    Capital was increased to 50 million yen
  • 2006
    Affiliate Sun Challenge Co., Ltd. was established
    Machino Keitaiya Mukogaoka-Yuen Amusement Park opened
    Machino Keitaiya Harmos Eda opened (Machino Keitaiya business would be later restructured and integrated into each shop)
    SoftBank Shop Center-Kita ukechi opened
  • 2007
    au Shop Azamino opened
    Capital was increased to 60 million yen
  • 2008
    DoCoMo Shop Ayase Town Hills opened
    au Shop Saginomiya opened
  • 2009
    Our au shop was ranked no. 1 in the sales of optical internet packages
    among national agencies/dealers
    Mobile Site “Raku-chaku” opened
  • 2010
    New Business Development department was launched
    au Shop Asahi Imajuku opened
  • 2011
    au Shop Ichigao opened
    SoftBank Shop Yokohama Landmark opened
    The 10th new university graduate cohort entered company
  • 2012
    au Shop Saginuma opened
  • 2013
    SoftBank Center-minami Southwood opened
  • 2014
    Sports Business Department was launched
    Anytime Fitness Kawasaki opened
    Anytime Fitness Higashi-Matsubara opened
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